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This site features the art services offered by Frank Devine architectural artist. This award winning artist has been featured in the news paper articles for his art achievement and fabulous art creations. His top winning piece of the 2007 competition season appeared in the October '07 edition of Chip Chats Magazine. He has also been a featured guest on radio and television talk shows. Letters of recommendation from clients tell of his talent and integrity. The king of Carvings prices are described as bargain by his clients.

Architectural Art may seem expensive to those that overlook the return on the investment. No matter what market conditions may presently exist, your real estate is the safest place to invest in art. The return on the investment can increase the equity value of the real estate several times over the initial investment for the service. In nearly every case an architectural structure is worth more than the sum of its parts. The more valuable and unique the features, the more valuable and desirable the structure. For example, a substantial investment in custom carved cabinetry could instantly net the investor two or three times the amount paid for the cabinetry in added equity value. The actual amount varies according to circumstances. While no service provider can guarantee the return on your investment, real estate has typically been a very safe place to invest.

If you need custom carving, murals, Faux finishes or other architectural art services put your project into the capable hands of the king of Carving. The skill and nimble hands of this artist will assure you the level of quality work you desire. There is no other artist in the business of architectural art that can better serve your needs. Frank Devine is in the prime of life and career. There is no better time to commission his work than now.

Please visit our photo gallery, visit the endorsements page, listen to a recording of a live radio interview on the Dave Congleton Show. Or watch our video clip of an interview with Frank Devine by Rick Martel on the Rick Martel Words and Music Show. Read the news paper articles written about Frank and his achievements with his dazzling sculptures, read the letters of recommendation from satisfied clients.

Frank Devine has recently been elected to the board of directors of one of the most respected and prestigious sculptors guilds in the country, The California Carvers Guild. Wood carvers of all ages are invited to join the Guild.

Although this Master Wood Carver has been crowned king of Carving by his friends and clients. Frank Devine is modest yet confident in his abilities, in spite of all his publicity and success he remains approachable. Humble and down to earth, Mr. Devine enjoys the one on one interaction with his clients.

This artists is one of very few capable of carving in any style on any wood. The scale of his works continues to grow larger as time goes on. Frank Devine has a network of trusted and talented craftsmen and licensed contractors who assist him with large scale projects. Demand for his work calls him ever further from home. It is our pleasure to proudly present this website to you. Frank Devine and the staff at E-mmpire & Associates thank you for visiting us at We're sure you'll enjoy visiting the rest of our website.

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